7Pcs Ampoule Serum Essence Set

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Description: 7pcs Ampoule serum, 24k Gold/Q10/Vitamin C/Ceramide.

Specification: 1.5ml * 7 

Effects: Reduce fine lines, nourish and lift the skin while making it firm, brightening and moisturizing the skin, prevents wrinles, improves loose skin, lifts and moisturizes the skin, keeps it firm and hydrated and slows down aging.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerol, D-mannitol, Collagen hydrolyzates, Carbomer, Human oligopeptide-1, 24k gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types.

Caution: For sensitive skin, please test it on the inside of arm before using the first time.

The benefits of ampoules depend on the main ingredients of the product, we offer you the most popular benefits, including anti aging, or defending the skin against pollution or other outside toxin, and moisturizing dry skin. Two examples of benefits from ampoules: Hyaluronic acid, which works for repairing the skin.

 vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. It also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.

Glycerine is found in many moisturizing skin care products and soaps. Glycerine is well-loved as a lotion and soap ingredient because it's a humectant. A humectant is a substance that pulls water from the second layer of the skin and brings it to the top layer of the skin. If the humidity is high, humectants also draw moisture from the air. As a result, glycerine hydrates skin, helps you shed dead skin cells and gives your skin a smooth, youthful glow.

Carbomer is used as an emulsifier to help stabilize and thicken solutions with different ingredient solubility. Carbomer helps to control the consistency and flow of cosmetic products, as well as provide lotions, creams, and gels with a smooth, silky texture.

Humectants can help to boost the skin's ability to retain moisture from the air. With these properties combined, butylene glycol is an ideal skincare ingredient for stabilizing and improving the spreadability of lotions and creams, while providing a silky smooth, moisturizing texture.

How To Use

1. Tap the top of the ampule to concentrate the essence in the bottom half of the bottle.
2. Gently open the top of the ampule.
3. Flick the bottom of the ampule to pour out the remaining essence.
4. Apply it around the face and neck and massage until absorbed.

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